As technology has changed the face of communication in this century, computers are a must-have versus a nice-to-have but owning a computer can sometimes be a very frustrating experience. We can all recall those times when the blasted thing either won't, or is not capable of doing what you want. We sometimes, jokingly, refer to ourselves as being in the hair loss management business because we try our utmost to save you from pulling out your own!

Having trouble free computing might be like the holy grail of the technological world but there are certainly ways to minimise the negative impact technology has on our lives.

We firmly believe that we should not be a slave to technology - it should actually be the other way round.

Our first step is to determine your needs and then provide a solution to match those needs and your pocket of course. Because Customer Satisfaction is so important to us, we would rather not make a sale if there is an alternative solution available – but rest assured if you do buy something from us, it will most certainly solve your previously identified need.

With our years of experience we have spent many hours researching products that are both cost effective and reliable. We are also contracted to local suppliers of hardware so any warranty issues are sorted out as speedily as possible.

So don't just replace it, fix it or toss it – JonesIT